As a member of the Austin Citizen Police Academy Alumni Association (ACPAAA) you will have the opportunity to continue your involvement with the Austin Police Department after your class of the Austin Citizen Police Academy has ended. There are only a couple of criteria that must be met in order to become a member of ACPAAA:

  1. Graduate from the Austin Citizen Police Academy in good standing
  2. Pay annual membership dues in the amount of:
    1. $25.00 for 1 year
    2. $55.00 for 3 years
    3. $85.00 for 5 years

Traffic Role Play

Once you are a member of ACPAAA you will be given a Username and password to this website that will give

you access to the merchandise area where you can purchase T-Shirts, Polos, and other items as well as pay your membership fees online. Members will also be given access to unique volunteer opportunities that are closed to the public such as traffic stop and criminal law role-plays with Police Department cadets.

Members are also invited to attend ACPAAA General Membership Meetings and are also welcome at ACPAAA Board meetings where we discuss upcoming events, APD related issues, volunteer opportunities, have guest speakers from within the law enforcement community, and more. Attendance is not required for either of the meetings, but is encouraged so that ACPAAA members are able to stay up-to-date on APD issues.

If you have graduated from ACPA and wish to become a member, please fill out this form and e-mail it to

Please note that in order to fill out the membership application form, you will need to Enable Editing and Enable Content.

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