Nearly 100!!!

Yes, that’s right – there were almost 100 applications for the session of the APD Citizen Police Academy which began this month!  And over 80 people were accepted into this session.  Just a short three years ago, one CPA class had 19 people in it!  The Austin Police Department committed to holding two classes per week in order to accommodate all of the people who wanted to come and learn about APD.  This will require double work by the officers who instruct the classes and by Officer Scanlon in preparing, coordinating, and managing this large group for 14 weeks.  We appreciate their dedication and service to the CPA Program.  The 82nd class started on February 10 and the 83rd class started on February 12.  Chief Acevedo talked to attendees at both of the classes, with Chaplain Services as the topic of the presentation for the evening.

Officer Scanlon has continued to enhance the program, materials, and environment of the classes.  Participants now have free parking during their class time and classes have meals provided.  Generous donations come from a variety of restaurants and sponsors and are much appreciated by the participants.  For the 2015 class, APD provided the binders and is providing meals for about half of the class sessions.  This support for the CPA Program is vital to producing a high quality program for the people of Austin who attend the classes.

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