Large ACPA Graduating Class for Spring 2017

The growth trend continued at the May 18, 2017, graduation of the 90th and 91st CPA classes which totaled 76. This brings the number of CPA graduates since 1987 to 2,398. The size of the twice yearly classes has tripled which greatly increases the number of people in Austin with information and education to help them understand APD. Officer Surei Scanlon was recognized for her diligent efforts and great success in developing, organizing, and administering the classes.

GACC Survey Shows Austin Supports More Police Officers

A public opinion survey of Austin voters conducted in April 2017 found they believe increasing the number of police officers will improve community policing and decrease response times to emergency calls. The survey showed that eight out of ten respondents think the best option for the City of Austin is to hire additional police officers immediately or over the next few years. David Roche, president of the Greater Austin Crime Commission, explained that the city has commissioned study after study showing the need for more officers to prevent crime in neighborhoods and cut response times. The entire survey is at

APD Shows Appreciation for Volunteers

On the evening of May 23, 2017, the command staff and ACPA staff honored Austin CPAAA volunteers at an appreciation dinner to demonstrate their support for the efforts and hours given in support of APD. Volunteers gave a total of 4,465 hours that equated to $112,079 in savings to the Austin Police Department and the City of Austin. Chief Brian Manley thanked the volunteers for their dedication and commitment. He also recognized Officer Surei Scanlon for her success in developing and producing the outstanding Austin CPA program and furthering their mission of understanding through education. Chief Manley presented his special Chief’s Coin for exceptional service to Melinda Rodriguez, Theresa Hoytal, and Rich Simental.

Great Chicken with the Chief Event!

Hoover’s Restaurant was the site of a fun event for the sizeable crowd which helped raise money for the association thanks to the time that Chief Brian Manley spent with everyone, the delicious food provided by Hoover Alexander (an Alumni member!), and the prize drawings!  This April 19 event was the second annual Chicken with the Chief that provides an opportunity for ACPA members and the public to visit with the APD Chief – and enjoy some of Austin’s best food.  A BIG thank you to Hoover and to all who purchased tickets and came out to greet the Chief, support APD, and support the Austin CPA Alumni Association!

ACPAAA Board Officers Begin 2017 Terms

Elections for Board of Director positions with terms beginning July 1, 2017, resulted in the following:

President: Melinda Rodriguez
1st Vice President – Communications: Susan Reed
2nd Vice President – Membership: Rich Simental
3rd Vice President – Events: Esther Johnson
4th Vice President – Sponsorship Development: Missy Osterman
Secretary: Nivedita Sharma
Treasurer: Cynthia Herrera
Board Member – Innovations: Ian Hoffman
Board Member – 1st CPA Liaison: Theresa Hoytal
Board Member – 2nd CPA Liaison: Gabriel Jamail-Gutierrez
Board Advisor: James Duncan

The Alumni Association’s Bylaws were amended to reflect the new director position names at the June meeting. Another busy year under the leadership of Melinda Rodriguez will include growing the membership base, assisting with the continuing large numbers of people in the CPA classes, website updates, increasing volunteer opportunities, new logo shirts to be received, selling class shirts, more fundraising, and advocating for APD’s increasing budget needs.