79th ACPA Class Graduates

In its 26th year of providing education through the Citizen Police Academy to the people of Austin, the Austin Police Department held graduation ceremonies on December 17, 2013, for 31 citizens who completed the session that began in September.  In the Academy, APD strives to create understanding through education and increase the rapport between citizens and police officers. The class members gained a working knowledge of APD and benefited from information in the diverse curriculum topics presented by the police officers.

Family members and friends of the graduates gathered at Cornerstone Church to recognize the 79th Class for their commitment in completing the class.  Graduates were commended by the CPA Coordinator, Senior Police Officer Jermaine Kilgore, who praised their efforts and success.

“Congratulations to the graduates of the 79th Citizens Police Academy. It was my pleasure spending the last 14 weeks with all of you. I hope that this experience was enlightening to you all, and going forward I hope the relationship and communication between you and your Police Department grows more and more each day.”
–    Senior Police Officer Jermaine Kilgore

To show their appreciation to Officer Kilgore for his work as coordinator, Class President Nanci Wilson, on behalf of the class, presented a special gift to Officer Kilgore during the ceremony.

A reception with refreshments after the ceremony was provided and hosted by the Austin Citizen Police Academy Alumni Association which is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting the APD through volunteerism and community activities.  Graduates of the Academy are encouraged to join the Alumni Association and participate in their motto of “Sharing a commitment for a stronger, educated community” through the Association’s activities.

For photos of the 79th ACPA graduation, please visit our Photos page.

APD Puts 33 New Officers on the Street

On December 13, 2013, Chief Acevedo administered the oath of office to the graduates of APD Cadet Class 125, thereby increasing the strength of the force which is sworn to safeguard lives and property, protect the innocent, and serve the community.  After eight months of intensive training, the cadets began their law enforcement careers.  Austin Mayor Leffingwell and Councilman Martinez addressed the cadets, their families, and others in attendance at the graduation ceremony held in Northwest Austin.  In his remarks, the Mayor extended special congratulations to one cadet, Monika McCoy, who is the daughter of former APD Officer McCoy who ended the deaths and injuries caused by the ‘Tower Sniper’ Charles Whitman in August of 1966 by climbing the UT Tower with a fellow officer, and killing Whitman, thereby stopping the 90 minutes of terror in Austin.

During the ceremony, the large crowd applauded as each cadet had their new badge pinned on their uniform, after which the oath was administered to the group.  Chief Acevedo welcomed them to the Department and reminded them that their badge and uniform were symbols of their profession and  should be worn with pride and humility.  After the ceremony, the new officers enjoyed ‘photo ops’ with their families and everyone enjoyed refreshments provided by the Austin Citizen Police Academy Alumni Association.

Photos from the graduation can be viewed on our photos page.