80th CPA Class Kicks Off

February 11, 2014, was day one of the current Citizen Police Academy session, a program which Austin began in 1987.  The 37 class participants were welcomed by SPO Kilgore and treated to a meal provided by the Austin CPA Alumni Association. Over the 14 weeks of the session, the class will receive information from police officers which will promote greater understanding of the operations of the department and police work in Austin.  In mid-March, the class president announced that she had received commitments from restaurants to provide food to the class on four dates during the session. Those generous restaurants are: Jimmy John’s, Hoover’s, Love Balls, and East Side Café.  The class also planned to hold an informational meeting for any members of their class and previous classes who will make application for police officer positions at APD.  Graduation ceremonies for the 80th class are planned for May 20.

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