ACPAAA Board Officers Begin 2017 Terms

Elections for Board of Director positions with terms beginning July 1, 2017, resulted in the following:

President: Melinda Rodriguez
1st Vice President – Communications: Susan Reed
2nd Vice President – Membership: Rich Simental
3rd Vice President – Events: Esther Johnson
4th Vice President – Sponsorship Development: Missy Osterman
Secretary: Nivedita Sharma
Treasurer: Cynthia Herrera
Board Member – Innovations: Ian Hoffman
Board Member – 1st CPA Liaison: Theresa Hoytal
Board Member – 2nd CPA Liaison: Gabriel Jamail-Gutierrez
Board Advisor: James Duncan

The Alumni Association’s Bylaws were amended to reflect the new director position names at the June meeting. Another busy year under the leadership of Melinda Rodriguez will include growing the membership base, assisting with the continuing large numbers of people in the CPA classes, website updates, increasing volunteer opportunities, new logo shirts to be received, selling class shirts, more fundraising, and advocating for APD’s increasing budget needs.

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