CPA Class #80 Graduates and Sets Milestone

With the graduation on May 20, 2014, of the 80th CPA Class, a milestone was reached – over 2,000 people have now completed the Citizen Police Academy of the Austin Police Department.  This accomplishment signifies the high level of community interest in the police department and the support that residents have for the work done by police officers.  The graduation ceremony was conducted at Austin Cornerstone Church with congratulations offered by CPA Coordinator Officer Jermaine Kilgore.  Chief Art Acevedo addressed the class and praised their participation.  He administered the oath to the graduates.  Austin CPA Alumni Association President Melinda Rodriguez called the names of the graduates who received their diplomas and had photos made with the Chief.  Afterward, the graduates and their families were honored at a reception provided by the Austin CPA Alumni Association.

Photos of the event can be located at our Photos Page.

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